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       The purpose of Mode Z Music is to promote the performance and recording of the music listed here.  It currently includes primarily my own compositions, but gradually I am listing more music by some other composers and songwriters.  SHEET MUSIC for many of these pieces is available for sale, and in some situations COMPLIMENTARY copies.  Also, you can listen to MIDI arrangements of many of them at this site, as well as read lyrics to the songs and other vocal pieces.
       Please select the area of your interest to see and hear more about the wide variety of pieces being offered.

--- James M. Cooper

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About Mode Z

Mode Z Music gets its name from the only musical piece in this mode, "Quartet in Mode Z" for flute, clarinet, cello and piano, composed in 1977 by James Medary Cooper.  Unlike other modes, Mode Z distinguishes itself by the lack, rather than the presence, of musical rules.  Otherwise, the musical characteristics which define Mode Z may be more easily described if more pieces in this mode were to be composed.

In the meantime, while there is only one piece in Mode Z, Mode Z Music will be offering a steadily increasing number of works in a wide variety of musical styles.

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