Words and music by James Medary Cooper


Looks like it's time to go away;
there's nothing else can be done.
It hurts to think I'd be the one to fail,
but now's just not the time if you're the one.

Sometimes you're all the joy of my day,
and sometimes you just make it hard.
Well I'm just not going to fool around any more this way.

The fighting that's all hidden in the mind,
it kills worse than death in any war. 
I'm just looking for some peace down inside;
that's all I want and nothing more.


Far out where the sea is rough and rising,
new fears are waiting there for me.
I'm setting out, got alot of things to do,
and I can't be a-worrying shaking here just for you.


If you want to join me when I pass again,
you know it'll never hurt to have you near.
Just don't hide all my weaknesses please,
or forget what it is I have to fear.


1981 James M. Cooper

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