The MIDI file which plays with this page is excerpts from Hide & Seek Diversions (by J. M. Cooper), including variations of "Someday I'm Going to Murder the Bugler."

The fighting that's all hidden in the mind,
it kills worse than death in any war.


No More This Way

Are my words just too sweet, or do they make you feel blue?
Or is it that they make you so angry
how I make them so precise and so true?


Why Won't You Listen

One day 'll be my time to die;
it's just another thing I've got to do


Make the World and You More Free

Now is the time for searching of souls,
for setting of higher cleanliness goals
Today is the day to empty the trunk
and clear out the heaps of unwanted junk.


Trash Day in the Bronx

Oh mothers, oh mothers, who cradled your sons
who loved and gave comfort at each little cry,
now they wear helmets and bullets and guns
and sail the far ocean to kill and to die.


At Each Little Cry

Searching for freedom and truth in my life,
I've tried alot of different soothing lies.


If I Seem Unkind Sometimes

Then God found me in the nighttime,
dreaming deeds both great and brave;
He poured me full of His spirit
and pledged my life to save.


Hide and Seek with God

The President of the U.S.A.
creates the news we read each day;
It teaches children war is cool
while fifteen die in a Colorado school.


I'm just looking for some peace down inside;
that's all I want and nothing more.


No More This Way

He takes the lonely hours and makes a joyful time;
He takes my empty cup and fills with purest wine


Jesus My Candle

Copyright 1981, 1998, 1999  James M. Cooper

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