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Ever We'll Try


Mode Z Catalogue Nbr: S0017

Composer: James Medary Cooper
Lyricist: James Medary Cooper

Lyrics by: Cooper, James Medary
For: Song - Popular Styles (Secular, Lead Sheet)
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What shall we do when the years so long
wrap up all our days 'til youth is gone?
What shall we do when the leaves all turn brown
and age prepares our bones for rest in the ground?
Shall we let all the little cares
break apart the goodness we could share?

Ever we'll try,
because we can't, can't let time
make our love die.

Babies will be sick and cry all night;
we'll be oh so tired, no rest in sight.
When the money's gone can't find any more;
working in the night get home 'round four.
I could say that I'm going to leave,
but better things will come I must believe.


(Repeat v. 1)

1981 James M. Cooper

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