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"Owed" To A Tool


Mode Z Catalogue Nbr: Q0072

Composer: James Medary Cooper
Lyricist: Laurence Cooper

Lyrics by: Cooper, Laurence
For: Song - Classical Styles (Secular)
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I long to be Jack-o-all-Trades, e'en tho I were Master o' none.
Then the leaky faucet I'd fix and sleep the nite thru when day's done.
Think of all the jobs I could do instead of being a helpless dope;
Plumber, carpenter furnaceman, would not have to be called, I hope!

I'd glaze the broken win-dow in barn and mend the hole in pasture fence.
There's no end to jobs on a farm, so Jack-o-all-Trades makes good sense.
To workshop then I'd better go and load my tools in preparation,
So then that well pump will no longer drive this soul to desperation.

Hammer, Pliers, Screwdriver, saw; where've you gone since last I used you?
Don't tell me you're hiding 'n d'rather have no work to do!
Oh, would that you who really enjoy to find things in their places,
Would put them back when finshed,
and keep your-selves in my good graces.

1964 Laurence Cooper

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