MP3s (from upcoming CD "Little Gems of the Classical Guitar Repertoire" by James M. Cooper: 

Tarrega: Mazurca
    Giuliani: Cadence

The following is a somewhat rough demo of a new song:

Song: The Things of Love

Some comments about the MIDI files:

  • When most of the screens of this Website appear, a MIDI file is scheduled to start playing.  Messages on the screens with MIDIs tell what piece is playing.  I hope you can hear them on your computer!

  • If you want to hear a MIDI again after it finished, click your Refresh button.

  • Please note: it is the purpose of Mode Z Music to promote works of music which are designed for live performance or recording by instrumental and vocal musicians.  It is not my intention by this endeavor to become a MIDI artist, although that can be fun at times.  The MIDI files are here for the purpose of giving you an idea what the music might sound like, in hopes that you might imagine how much better it may sound by your own live performance.

  • In initial testing we have not found the MIDI files associated with the web pages to play on Netscape Navigator.  However, with the following links you may be able to get them to play. 

  • If you would care to send information about how the MIDI files worked for you, please complete the form below.

EverWellTry             Joyful Mysteries, mvt 1             NoMoreThisWay             There is a Simple Way

Piano Sonata #1, mvt 1, excerpt             O Come, O Come Emmanuel             Hide & Seek with God

There are a lot more MIDIs on other pages of this website. 

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