This page doesn't directly have to do with Mode Z Music, except that I played a concert while we were in Italy, otherwise this is here just for the fun of it -- JMC.
These are pictures from our recent trip to central Italy (April-May 2001). 
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Niche at La Romita School of Art, Terni, Italy

James & Susanna in the olive grove at La Romita

Olive grove at La Romita

Poggio Bustone and the valley

Mountain near Fonte Columbo

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Mary Louise, Jim & Larraine in the dining room at La Verna

The entire group on the La Romita pilgrimage Pieta at St. Peters, Rome Detail of Trevi Fountain in Rome The Colliseum (Rome)

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In front of La Romita School of Art, Terni, Italy

Tower at Poggio Bustone

Wall near Poggio Bustone

Courtyard near Fonte Columbo

Robert Lentz & friend at Fonte Columbo

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Mary Louise & Francis at Fonte Columbo

James, Larraine, Susanna & Jude at La Verna (near the unmarked cave)

Detail of front of Duomo in Orvieto

Yoga in the chapel at La Romita

Fountain at Piazza Navona in Rome

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