Words by Anna Catherine Cooper
Music by James Medary Cooper


I looked for God in the morning when the sun began to rise;
I hunted God in the rose-hue of tinted cloud-filled skies.

I found God in the mountains; God found me on the shore.
I found His Son in the rainbow, and I'm His forever more.

I searched for God until noon time in a hundred crowded places
I found His Son in the byways in scores of radiant faces.


His Son found me in the evening 'midst the tree toads' high-pitched din
He begged my God to forgive me, He freed me of my sin.


Then God found me in the nighttime, dreaming deeds both great and brave;
He poured me full of His spirit and pledged my life to save.


I saw His Son in my shadow, He's a part of me, how odd;
we ran to base in the moonlight in hide and seek with God.  


1998 James M. Cooper

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